Naughty Cakes - NAUGHTY CUPCAKES - Austin, TX

Naughty Cupcakes

No matter whats the occasion
 these cupcakes add just the right amount of Naughty and Sweet for a pleasant event.


Each cupcake comes with a piece of our
sinfully delicious white or milk chocolate Boobs, Penis, Vagina's in any combination. 


      #0001    Small cupcake platter 39.99
                                    12+1 cupcake holding a party sign

                                #0002     large cupcake platter 69.95
                                  24+1 cupcake holding a party sign
                           These are our Large cupcakes not mini
                                  Flavors :  white / chocolate / combination.


*** Mini cupcakes like seen in the upper middle of heading can be ordered for corporate functions.***
100 cupcakes with your choice of either
white or milk chocolate boobs, penis  toppers
 COST $125.00
extra cupcakes at $1.25  each.
A 5 % discount will be giving for
all orders with 300 mini cupcakes or more. 
Please allow us a one week notice
                            before your event.                                     
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